Friday, October 17, 2008

Simian warfare ads

We watched a series of these in class today. They're awesome...Trunk Monkey is an ape that lives in your car and protects you from car break-ins, handles difficult situations of road rage, and bribes police officers!

Trunk Monkey thrives in dark habitats with minimal air circulation and unstable movements. Trunk Monkey's loyalty to you as the driver of the car is based on a finely-tuned sense of smell and a conditioned imprinting of your voice when you curse out other drivers.

Trunk Monkeys are bred and trained by the Suburban Auto Group of Sandy, Oregon and were originally groomed to act as weight distribution systems for Subaru off-road rally cars. Although Trunk Monkeys continue to offer optimal driving performance by a acting as trunk ballast, their primary role is best defined as an 'automobile enforcer' and a fierce compassionate passenger for your daily commute.

Add Trunk Monkey to the list of things I want for Christmas!

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