Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Marketing student time management

Time management is crazy. It's a weird skill because it's about prioritizing things and accepting that which you can't control. I've gradually learned to accept that not everything can be accomplished and to therefore manage expectations - including client expectations!

Here's a quick handy way to manage your time, especially if you're a student.


Make a list of everything you need to do in the foreseeable future.


Go down the list and rank each task according to how soon it needs to be finished.

1 = 'dude, you've gotta finish this right now, or at least before 5pm today!'
10 = 'dude, relax, you've got plenty of time!'


Go down the new time-ranked list. What are really important tasks?

A = 'dude, this is super important and you've gotta work on it today!'
B = 'dude, this is important'
C = 'dude, this needs to be completed, but it's not really important right now'
D = 'dude, relax, this probably won't get done!'


Rank according to A-D of importance. The things you've gotta do today are all the 'A' tasks, and you'll do them in the order of the due date.

Awesome, so now I have to actually get motivated to complete these tasks!

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