Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best toy ever: Kota the Triceratops

I want this.

Kota the Triceratops is an moving, roaring, bouncing toy for preschoolers. I mean, check this out and tell me it doesn't sound fun!

  • Kota roars when you roar
  • Kota chews leaves when you stick them near its mouth
  • Kota plays music so when you sit on its back you can go on make-believe dino adventures
  • Kota wags it tail, blinks its eyes, and chats in dino-speak when you scratch its chin or rub its belly
I imagine sitting on top of Kota, crushing the delicate plastic assembly with my adult weight, laughing hysterically and singing while we go on dino adventures together!

Awesome toy. Please, please, please buy it for me. I want it!

1 comment:

~d said...

I LOVE this!! I wish I knew what the flippin' weight limit is!!
I hope someone gets this for you!