Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Chillin with Billings

A significant part of my role as President is smoothing out organizational wrinkles concerning B!G's members and learning from the trenches about what needs to be improved, strengthened, stopped, or maintained in the agency. Chillin' with Billings are informal get togethers I have with each person in B!G meant to reinforce our focus on individualism and self-expression - we're Gen Y, after all!

I want to know what our members take issue with and how I can personally make a difference in to the experience people have with B!G. Whether that's giving them exposure to a different functional area of the business, helping them with interview prep, or allaying their fears over scary bedtime clowns.

Frightened? That's good, that's why we're meeting tomorrow!

I love these sessions because it's a legitimate chance for me to stop talking about myself and learn more about others. The conversation is never about me. We talk about sports, music, movies, art, school, Toronto, and marketing.

And what have I learned? That the individuals in B!G have an unbelievable breadth of interests including classical music, Dadaism, judo, and How I Met Your Mother. They're interested in accounting as a career path, going to Singapore and becoming an account manager, visiting Spain, and developing their skills as an amateur photographer.

I'm grateful to be around such a talented group. It's humbling to learn more about individuals and deepens my commitment to give them a fulfilling experience with B!G.

So here's what you can expect during our Chillin' with Billings meetings.

  1. Would you like a coffee?
  2. I'll eventually find out something embarrassing about your interests!
  3. I'm like a sponge, I hear everything. Expect to go into great detail about something you think is mundane.
Looking forward to it! Naila, Jeff, Mitesh, Nick, and Sharmeen, you're up tomorrow. And we can talk about the scary clowns too.