Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Chillin with Billings: a retrospective perspective

I hate that clown. Mostly because clowns are freaky, and secondly because I should be face down in a pillow rather than my accounting textbook right now (I'm sure all the second years out there can sympathize with me).

As an associate, Chillin with Billings is one part taking, one part giving. While Billings' insight into appropriate images for the blog and topics for SEO can be classified as questionable at best, there's much to be said about picking the brains of a second year MBA with relevant experience and two feet firmly planted on the ground (in comparison to a BBA's perspective of the average MBA ego vs. knowledge levels). Universities were originally created as a forum for great minds to challenge and create ideas. Regrettably, today's institution is less thinking and more a measure of one's ability to memorize and recite dated and useless factoids. It's nice to occasionally get a taste of the true benefit of University; a Billings session being just one of those things.

Yes, really.

What to expect from a Chillin with Billings session:

1. Lots of Max playing with his own hair. Lots. Case in point:

2. If you're lucky, a ride in his shiny silver car that goes vroooooooom
3. His opinion on everything

Every year B!G gets a new brand manager (aka el Presidenté, aka Da Boss). And while it's easy to classify Max as the face and underlying source of the group's values and beliefs; that certainly isn't the case. His dedication to personifying the club's integrity and values as a consolidated (damn you accounting!) function of each of it's members is truly admirable. While the topics of the discussion are varied, the objective in each meeting is the same; to get a better understanding of the group's members is to better understand the group itself.

P.S.: I just hope it's not Timothy's coffee.

P.S.S.: I resent the term "amateur photographer", I prefer "aspiring", it just seems more...optimistic :)

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Olga Ivleva said...

Oh my! Thanks for the insight, Nick. My cyber-Chillings with Billings (why does that sound more inappropriate than usual?) is tomorrow so I'm glad you gave me the heads up.