Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Words can barely express...

Obama just concluded his inaugural address and, as expected, it was nothing short of uplifting and strong. Watch here:

Commentators are now describing it as a "muscular" speech, full of sharp words and powerful metaphors meant to marshal Americans to take the charge of personal responsibility and global stewardship. I was stirred by his address and thought that its tone conveyed an urgency to rebuild and remake the things that are flawed and broken in America. He spoke with a gravity that was not necessarily optimistic, but rather respectful of the massive challenges (financial, domestic, international) that lie ahead for the nation.

I'm sure that I'm not alone in saying that when I watch Obama speak, I find that I'm transported to an idealistic frame of mind - a place where things seem a little more possible and not so scary. I then swing back to reality and think about whether change is really possible.

But the message in Obama's inaugural speech, now being referred to in the NY Times as the "Era of Responsibility" seems so naturally obvious. It's time for Americans to familiarize themselves with the responsibilties of citizenship: service and selflessness.

Americans are amazing to me. I like them a lot. They're productive, hospitable, proud, and hopeful. It's a unique personality that now - for the purposes of future global well-being - must also be informed by a humility to achieve a greater good.

Congratulations Mr. Obama, good luck!

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