Sunday, January 18, 2009

The weekend links

Crazy weather, eh? I'll be happy when January is over but for some reason I usually remember February giving a particularly bad snow wallop in most years.

Obama's inauguration is on Tuesday. I'm envious of the people who have the opportunity to go and attend. I'm not envious of the fact that they'll be standing in snow and out in the cold, but it's an event I really could have wanted to attend. I can't wait to hear his speech. If it's anything like his speech at the DNC, I'll be getting chills and goosebumps, I'll have renewed faith in the balance of the universe, and I'll end up a sobbing mess when it's all over.

I'm organizing this weekend's links by emotion. Just find the emotion that matters to you most at that moment and enjoy the links:


Newsweek examines why young evangelicals voted for Obama. It's an insightful commentary and clearly shows a generational schism among American white Christians but I can't seem to shake the sobriety of its tone.

Like the other graduating MBAs, I'm in job-search mode. From all accounts it's tough out there and job prospects are quite slim. I'm fortunate that tha MBA degree still has a meaningful valence to employers, but high Gen Y unemployment report still get me worried.

Pajiba is my favourite movie reviews site. Here's their list of the top ten films you didn't see in 2008. I basically watch whatever Pajiba tells me, and with the exception of 'Snow Angels', I haven't been disappointed with their recos. Check out 'Let the right one in', and 'In Bruges'.

Tense situation? CNN recommends things to say to keep the peace.


The video for Dent May's 'Oh Paris' - Steve, welcome back, this is for you!

Philosophically, in what ways is a Snickers bar satisfying? I mean, it feeds the body, but does it feed the soul? Apparently, yes...

Jelly Belly has fifty delicious flavours. See them here.

This my picture of the Dancing Building (the Fred and Ginger building) in Prague. It's one of the 50 weirdest buildings in the world.


Fugly, fugly, fugly. The top ten ugliest computers ever made.

Children's artwork really isn't that great, right? I mean, it lacks any precision, technical skill, or insightful social commentary!'s crappy kids art review is really funny to read though.


relevant, interactive, in-car advertising.

McDonald's food is really quite delicious. I broke my seven year McDs diet this week with six pieces of McNuggets, a Big Mac, a quarter pounder with cheese, and a large fries. I felt nice and full afterwards, but my face is suddenly breaking out. Anyway, here's McDonald's menu variations worldwide. I really want to try the Indian McAloo Tikki Burger and the Belgian Croque McDo.

Flashback wayback for decades old Superbowl commercials.

Google really has some neat features. We all should know about the info: function, and there are a few others that could come in handy. (BTW, try out 1-800-GOOG-411, it's very cool, and very free)


Money-saving small business tips from real entrepreneurs. A lot of these have creative insights about self-marketing. Cool.

For a website that has "the finest advertising", they sure do display some jarring and irrelevant online ads for revenue. Anyway, is just that. has a mission to reinvent online advertising. From what I can tell, it's using a unique PPC model and a model for keyword bidding that allows you to easily pick the sites on which your ads are displayed. Great philosophy too of open source and comm-collab.

The work of the flight crew on the US Airways flight that landed in the Hudson River in New York was nothing short of astounding. Next time I fly, I want Sully behind the controls. Check out this VR movie from BBC News about the flight. Must watch.

Have a great week, all!

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