Friday, December 5, 2008

It pays off...eventually

It's Friday night, the Friday night before my birthday next weekend.

I really should be going out and losing my sanity in various bars downtown but I'm at home finishing work: school work, B!G work.

It's hardly as if I've procrastinated my way into this situation - hardly. I really strive to finish a lot of small things within hours of receiving them to my email just so it doesn't pile up. The big stuff I save for days like today when there's no class and I can sit down and hammer it out.

But still it mounts up.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that the hard work that you'll do, the late hours that you'll put in to various things that matter to you really will pay off.

How? Why?

Forget about getting noticed and forget about getting credit. Hard work matters because you internalize it. It makes you a morally superior person and prepares you for future hard work. You'll be better equipped so that your future hard work isn't hard at all, it's smart work (good + fast = smart).

So just grin and bear it.

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