Sunday, November 30, 2008

The weekend links

Fresh PoMo content coming at cha!

BTW, I've realized how much I like The Hills. I love the mindless blather and catchy soundtrack. It's nice to just to put my brain on autopilot for 20 mins and watch an episode. Does anyone else like Audrina, Spencer, and Heidi? I think that out of anyone on the show these three have the most redemptive value! Seriously, Lauren and her mousey friend Lo are really baseless and have perpetual frowns on their faces. The latest episode of The Hills is here, Lauren accuses Audrina of believing a rumour that Lauren slept with Audrina's boyfriend Justin Bobby.

But the other day I watched an episode where lauren refered to a pool party as a "disaster". Um, no. 9/11 was a disaster. You need to get a fucking life, Lauren.

My new favourite song, AutoKratz, 'Stay the Same':

Olga's story this week about Soviet Russia having only two sizes of underwear (big and really big) was pretty funny, and these pictures from the USSR give it added context.

Required reading for B!G Associates:
Canada's net integrity and online rights are basically squashed now that the CRTC has ruled in favour of Bell Canada's action to throttle down DSL speeds. So really? The ISPs are going to be able to control what we do online? Where's the freedom in that? Consider your rights as citizens of Canada and of the wired world when you read this good article. It's just really disgusting.

This is great. Graffiti artists proclaim that marketers no longer have eminent domain over what outrageous, unsubstantiated claims can be made about a product. Digital democracy seriously is a tour de force. I'm happy about this expression of consumers' rights.

The Top Ten Most Popuar Top Tens
of 2008 - for those who like lists!

Dr. Spaceman is my favourite. Yes, Spe-che-man. 30 Rock's list of secondary characters
is here.

Kama sutra clothing adverts. Um, yeah Ana, but they're wearing clothes! Doesn't this completely defeat the purpose??

Are you up do date with your Flash drivers? If so, then go here, awesome interactive flash site. I highly recommend. It's like flying around little golden glass bubbles and there's tremendous spatial depth and graphic detail. Wow. Mr. Doob rocks.

London subway cars get a new life as an art studio. Cool idea. I wonder what the TTC is doing with all their old buses now that they're getting a new fleet? I really liked those curvey Orion buses, they actually had horsepower.

This really creeps me out.
Shadows of St. Petersburg is a collection of time-motion photographs in the Russian city of people moving around. It just looks so spectral and dark.

R2D2 and C3PO tell me why it's not cool to smoke. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that George Lucas is a huge sellout with a dry lakebed of creative ideas.

And finally, for no other reason than it's Sunday night and I'm tired, here's animals yawning!

Lucy and Kevin, I haven't forgotten to write a blog post about why I think pandas are the world's most useless species because they have no will to live or basic survival instincts. I just need to think more about how to tie this in to contemporary consumer marketing.

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