Saturday, November 29, 2008

Ooh my liver!

Wow, so last night was the Canadian Marketing Awards. I crashed it with my agency buds and we all had an amazing time. This was my second time at the CMAs, and my expectations of the night were wholly met:

- Wasted marketers
- Overpriced drinks

- Mainstream retro dance hits

Even though the Bright Ideas Group didn't have a table at this year's event (next year, next year...), it was relatively easy to walk into the event unimpeded.

Max's Guide to Crashing the CMAs:

1. Dress to impress. Suit and tie for the men, nice hair and makeup and cocktail dresses for the women.

2. Look serious and concerned about results, campaign results that is. When walking into the venue, you must look like you belong.

3. Find the side entrance.
Finding the side entrance complete obviates the need look serious or dress to impress!

So anyway, here are a few of my observations from last night.

Lots of crazy fun! You get to see all your clients, former and future employers, and low-ranking marketing wannabes (myself) whooping it up and having a really unpretentious good time. I really loved dancing with everyone and just partying like it was going out of style.

Lots of booze! See above picture....

Lots of embarrassment! There were countless women staggering around drunkenly and lots of guys looking really sweaty and messed up. Through the grapevines I've heard stories from the CMAs of sexually inappropriateness between client and agency on the dancefloor and coke sniffing in the bathroom stalls.

Lots of meaningless awards! I'm not too sure about the validity of the actual awards ceremony. I actually participated in a winning project last year for digital marketing excellence of 2007. Why did we win? Our client was on the judging committee!

Lots of networking! I handed out a few business cards that I probably shouldn't have because it likely makes me look like a spineless social bottomfeeder, but oh well.

Anyway those are some of my reflections. Can't wait to crash the upcoming agency Christmas parties!

Oh, and I got a delicious Burrito Boyz burrito after...yum.

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