Thursday, September 18, 2008

You know you're a BBA student when...

I've been back in classes for three weeks now and am starting to realize that four years is a long time to spend in business school (MBAs, just imagine doubling the length of your degree). Here's some of the signs that show you've been learning about Porter's Diamond Model for far too long.

1) Your carefully chosen back-to-school outfit is...your black suit.
Perhaps a Don Cherry-esque suit at your next infosession would help you stand out:

2) Everything you say is an acronym.

3) There are at least five cups of coffee in your classroom. 45 cups if it's an accounting or finance-related class.
They're probably fair-trade certified and overpriced as well.

4) You don't make friends. You "network."
And you've made an art form of how you hand over your business card.

5) You laugh at jokes like "Yo, that balance sheet is WACC."
Admit it, you've even made that joke.

6) You've waited 20 minutes in line at the coffee stand during your 15 minute break pondering what bottlenecks are creating inefficiencies.
Maybe that operations class is kind of handy...

7) You see your group members more than your own family.
And they're all on your My5.8) "It depends," is your favourite answer.
Followed by five minutes of double speak to make sure you get all of your participation marks.

9) You see a bunch of zombies in your classroom and figure that it must be accounting recruiting season again.
This would be a good time of year to invest in some Red Bull stock.

10) You know what time the Schulich building closes.
And you know this because you've been kicked out at 2am so many times.

If you could respond "yes, that's me" to more than 7 of these questions, congratulations, you've gotten your $20,000 worth. Good luck with the rest of the school year!

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Ana said...

Robyn, you are a genius! God, I miss school! :)