Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Trim your fiffi! Quirky online creativity

This is a wonderful creative online campaign from Sweden. Some campaigns are pretty hilarious and you just kinda have to step back and think how ridiculous they are. Is the message really that offensive? It's not sexist or misogynist, just silly and absurd!

Here is what Creativity says about this online campaign:

Aimed at women post-puberty and beyond, the site invites visitors to virtually style and customize what the Scandinavians call your "fiffi" with scissors, a razor or an array of RFSU products. The fictional character Miss Fiffi, who's an 80-year-old midwife, will then judge your shaving skills on a scale of 1 to 10 and your completed fiffi can subsequently be downloaded and embedded in your Facebook page.

Complemented by banner ads and an outdoor campaign, the somewhat controversial site also hosts a contest where the best fiffi wins a full shaving kit courtesy of RFSU. If one requires a more personal touch, they can contact a real-life midwife from the RFSU clinic for grooming tips via MSN Messenger.


How postmodern!

What makes this a clever campaign, IMO?
  1. It's lighthearted and the right tone for the client, which apparently is a non-profit Swedish sex education organization.
  2. Almost like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, it's interactive and encourages audience participation!
  3. All those online platforms are being built into the architecture for the campaign. This permits various forms of engagement and response.
  4. In an indirect way, I believe that this sort of message encourages greater ownership of one's body and promotes self-empowerment, especially for women. Sure, it's a quirky way to achieve that objective, but we're all adults, right?
Test your trimming skills here at RFSU's Fiffi microsite.

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