Monday, September 15, 2008

Kraft's innovative online push for Peek Freans

Marketing Mag wrote about a great new campaign today, the launch of
new Peek Freans cookies by Kraft. It’s the way the campaign was executed that excites me and makes me think that this was a good innovative push. I’ve never heard of a web-based soap opera to introduce new cookie varieties! From prowling around in the campaign's Facebook page, I think it was co-created by the digital arm of MacLaren-McCann here in Toronto (nothing is safe!!!)

The message is funny and the brand isn’t taking itself too seriously. Kraft is great at branding and the modernization of Peek Freans, a 150 year old bakery with a 50 year legacy in Canada, is pretty impressive. The campaign focus is clearly women, 30-45, who are not necessarily tech-savvy but have received a viral video message from friends before. The seven-part series encourages repeat visits and there is a strong call to action to register your email on the site so that you can be notified of the next video launch (I assume weekly?). Good for CRM purposes too since this is a form of opt-in customer acquisition.

They’ve built a microsite to highlight the video campaign and I assume, the eventual release of the new cookies, Brown Sugar Blueberry with Flax and Lime Coconut with Probiotic. A few things that are missing – more information about the product please! And perhaps some coupons that I can take to the grocery store on my next visit to entice me to buy the new product…

The article talks about this campaign’s reach through other online platforms including Flickr and Facebook to add context to the more costly direct mail and in-store sampling that will be done. I hope I see more of this campaign to get the fuller picture.

Good job, Kraft and MacLaren-McCann!

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