Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Bluenotes jeans commercial: hit it outta the park!

Bluenotes has a great new ad campaign of TV spots and a few prevalent billboards in locations downtown and on the subway. It’s evidently repositioning the brand with an older, more college-educated, ‘indie-kid’ vibe, rather than as a brand for tween girls seeking low-priced, unflatteringly ass-hugging jeans.

The campaign takes a lot of elements from other apparel and accessories campaigns:

  • Storytelling – the product is imbued with some intangible character that comes with experience and wardrobe tenure
  • Original – the jeans are unique like the people wearing them
  • PYTs – pretty young things!
I laud the team at MacLaren McCann for this whole rebrand and the ethos of the campaign. Although jeans are just distressed heavy pieces of fabric, it’s the whole backstory to where they came from, what you did in them, and how they’ve grown with you that makes them a compelling buy. Your jeans have essentially become an old friend.

Watch the new Bluenotes jeans commercial here and read the analysis from Marketing Mag here

And check out Mom Jeans, my favourite label:

Funny Mom Jeans Spoof
Funny Video! This is a spoof on how some women start wearing those high waisted pants after they get to be a certain age. You know this is true because you see women wearing them all the time.


Cindy said...

When I first saw the commercial, I would've never guessed it was for Bluenotes! I actually have a friend that works at Bluenotes, and she's long complained to me about their poor brand image and cheap quality clothing. But this new campaign changed my impressions of it, and if they follow through every part of their marketing campaign, we should see major changes! And by the way, what do you think of the new Bell campaign? I don't think the ads are that great, considering all the mysterious "er" buzz.

Max Billings said...

Yeah I think that any campaign by Bell/Rogers/Telus is going to be massive and inevitably divisive. That said, Bell is pretty unoffensive and the ads convey a very crisp style that really distinguish it as a more people-centric brand than Rogers. Think too about the 'er' - loudER, coolER, biggER, friendliER...these are all positively differentiating the brand from Rogers.

Cindy said...

Actually after seeing a few more commercials and print ads, I'm liking the Bell ads a bit more. I think what would've made it better is maybe better looking graphics, although simplicity is good. Rogers' ads seems way too commericalized for me, like you can clearly see they're out there to get your money. Telus relies too much on that "cool" brand image and doesn't give enough valuable info. Weel, let's see if Bell's going to really beat out Rogers and Telus!

Rain said...

The last time a commercial really got my attention it was Nike's I Got Soul featuring The Killers.
I'm a twenty-something who doesn't usually buy into these campaigns, but Bluenotes make me want to buy their denim.
I really liked the format, I really liked the content and most importantly I really liked the context.
The indie-themed aspect of it was really, really attractive, and it seemed deep which is difficult to conceive or achieve when you think about it being a national marketing campaign.