Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Stu-dont clubs

So tonight I attended a meeting of all Schulich graduate club presidents hosted by the Graduate Business Council. We talked about hosting events, partnering with recruiters, and planning for the fall frosh weeks of entering MBA and BBA students.

We each discussed the missions of our clubs and I felt a certain smug satisfaction with B!G’s unique value proposition against those of other clubs. Don’t get me wrong, I have tremendous respect for the activities and goals of other Schulich clubs. They provide students with a real opportunity to meet key industry players and form nascent networks of people with shared interests. But I’m not sure that they do any real work.

Here’s who doesn’t belong in B!G:

Know-it-alls who expect to be treated like God’s gift to marketing. Check your ego at the door Veruca Salt!

Laggards who won’t lift a finger to check their email. Do your work Star Jones!

Wasteoids who are expecting to coast through a client’s project. Get out of my club Spicoli!

Wallflowers who cannot step up to meet the cultural idiosyncracies that agency-life is known for. Go join the Breakfast Club Ally Sheedy, B!G isn’t for you!

The Bright Ideas Group is as much a student club as it is a marketing agency. It is as much an association of marketing students as it is a consulting organization. B!G’s value proposition is founded on three key goals:

  1. To provide students with an opportunity to challenge their innovation potential and learn by doing. A key reason why I was attracted to join B!G was the opportunity to continue working. I really do hate school.
  2. To provide small and large businesses with creative and customized marketing insights. Through working with a variety of clients from different industries we also enrich our own personal competencies and knowledge.
  3. To provide students with a forum to be noticed by recruiters and for recruiters to ‘dip their toes’ in the waters of the Schulich student body. I hear from my colleagues in B!G that the soft skills of client facilitation, professional report development, and aesthetic design are things that one really cannot learn in the classroom.
That’s B!G in a nutshell. I really can’t speak to the goals of other clubs but I heard we have a reputation among the Schulich clubs for working our members hard and actually producing billable work.

Veruca Salt, Spocoli, Star Jones, and Ally Sheedy need not apply. Actually, Ally Sheedy can apply!

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