Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Picking courses

So let’s play a fun game. I’m choosing my courses now for the Fall semester and quite frankly I’m stuck. Like that great Fleetwood Mac song, Schulich allows students to go their own way when choosing courses and pick each elective that they want, regardless of program of study or specialization.

Well, that’s a relief, but how does one decide between ‘Direct and Database Marketing’ and ‘Relationship Marketing Strategies’? Don’t they seem really similar because developing a relationship with one’s customers is usually based on direct marketing communications supported by sophisticated database analysis and segmentation?

So I’m throwing my hands up and thinking that I should start fresh. What if I could design my own course like a madlibs game?

  1. Choose a word in column 1
  2. Choose a word in column 2
  3. Choose a word in column 3
  4. Enroll!

Word #1

Word #2

Word #3
















I’ve decided to enroll in the following courses:

MKTG 6125: Targeted Ethnic Communications

This course teaches the principles of direct marketing optimized for Canada’s diverse multiethnic population. Focus is given to applied project learning as well as each student’s demonstrated proficiency with cultural idiosyncrasies. Grading is determined by the receptivity and responsiveness of hard to convert ethnic communities to student marketing projects.

MKTG 6030: Guerrilla Service Branding

As B2B marketing becomes a more important component in a marketer’s toolbox, this course will share effective strategies to convey brand relevance and uniqueness in highly unorthodox MarCom campaigns. Each student develops their own guerrilla campaign which is executed on the streets of downtown Toronto. Grading is determined by how many days the campaign remains in place before city officials remove it.

MKTG 6240: Mass Youth Marketing

Though all youth marketing was being segmented? Not so fast. This course instructs students to analyze youth trends to a deeper level and see larger paradigms affecting broad swaths of youth culture. Pedagogy is a combination of youth market research and independent study projects conducted by each student to reshape youth behavior. Grading is determined by the level of apathy with which youth prospects view your marketing campaign.

Unfortunately these courses aren’t taught at Schulich, so I’m thinking ‘Consumer Behavior’, ‘Strategic Market Planning’, and ‘Brand Management’. Top that off with a little ‘Art and Science of Leadership’ and some ‘Strategy Management’ and I think I have my complete schedule. Thank God it’s only three days a week!

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