Sunday, January 11, 2009

The weekend links

So it's back in the grind this week I guess. School has resumed (with a vengeance), my 601 project is at a critical place, and B!G is starting all its client projects this week. Most worrisome is my 601 project. It's a super report with a lot of great insights but this stage of the project is almost like the high jump contest in the Olympics. You HAVE to pass the bar or else you go back and do it again.

Redoing the report is not an option, it's onwards and upwards, forwards, not backwards, and always twirling, TWIRLING! (Kevin and Jeff...props)

So here's the weekend links for a freezing cold, stressed-up January weekend:

At the 2009 CES, Apple launched their new laptop, watch the video below:

Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard

Wikipedia successfully raised the $6M it was looking for, including a whopping $3M in a ten day period before the holidays. I really believe in the informational democracy Wikipedia nurtures. it's important that knowledge be a shared resource for people to benefit from worldwide. I'm happy that my donation made a difference!

ZombieHarmony is where it's at now for hot online dating that GothScene is getting full of poseurs and has lost its lustre. I'm happy that I was able to find someone similar to me: lumbering, incoherent, and hungry for brains. I love how one of the zombie's interests includes "dense populations"...hahaha

Additional, for further zombie epidemiology study, please consult this link to see how zombies diffuse throughout a population. Fascinating.

BestPage has a hilarious critique of the intense marketing copy typical of salt/sugary/teenage consumer goods. It's true huh? How can an anti-perspirant be extreme? How can a soft drink be extreme? When I use those products, and I really blow away like the ad suggests?

Trippy. Flash designers are pretty creative and create awesome online spaces where it's great just to play around and engage. Time-wasting, yes. Useless, yes. Medijate is pretty cool flash though.

Media censorship has been pretty high during the Israel-Gaza battle, but has a collection of very powerful images.

Social media mavens worth their salt should stay informed about 4Chan and ICHC. With such memes emanating from these sites as rickrolling (Rick Astley) and (de)motivational posters, they're fun to watch for the latest shit. I picture a bunch of users giggling maniacally to themselves while posting. Confused? Yeah me too. Don't worry, Wikipedia will explain everything 4Chan and everything ICHC. I love it. The internet is fun!

Writing copy? Analyze it for the emotional impact on the audience and get it shortened up to the optimal 20 words to get the message across. Advanced Marketing Institute's Headline Analyzer is pretty cool.

For no apparent reason other tha it's funny, here's BWE's Michael Phelp's Guide to Intimidating Everyone at the Beach.

I really disagree with this guy's belief that the phrase 'the customer's always right has ruined our society'. Now, I've been yelled at and abused by shitty customers back in my server days, but the fact that the customer is always right underpins the whole point of doing business. Otherwise why would we want to sell anything? We might as well be living in 1930s Soviet Russia. I do respect the vitriol in the post though!

Paul Giamati just won best actor in a miniseries for his portrayal of John Adams. I watched the whole thing a few months ago and was really drawn into it. It was a terrific HBO series, you can torrent the seven episodes here or stream here on Alluc.

The world's strangest liquors. Bizarre. I think i could handle snake rice wine, but I'd seriously barf up the Pizza Beer. That sounds incredibly nasty.

Play 20 questions with this predictive computer. It's suprisingly accurate!

Ladies, eight easy ways to update your look in 2009. Is it odd that

I remember posting a bunch of creative photo print ads for WWF before, here are a few more..

And finally, considering buying a Mac lately?

Via con dios, everyone!

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