Monday, January 26, 2009

The weekend links, on a Monday

Lots of work, eh?

This weekend was exhausting, full of obsessive group meetings and lots of circular discussion. B!G is going really well though and all our projects are now in full swing. Everything has started and we're in a good frame of mind after having outlined the scope for each project.

The Schulich BBAs come back today and it'll likely be hell crossing the picket lines with the extra number of cars. I'm really glad they're back and I don't underestimate the insane workload they're now facing.

From the rousing feedback I got from last week's links categorized into big themes, I'm trying it again. So, how're you feeling?


Terrific pictures from Washington and the world last Tuesday for the Obama inauguration.

I'm a Bowie fan - he sang this version of 'Heroes' at the Concert for New York back in 2001 (2002?) as a celebration of NYPD and NYFD. You'll see a lot of them in the audience singing along. This gets me kinda emotional, listen to the lyrics.

Bobby Adams photographs couples, in a unique way


Krispy Kreme donuts enrages pro-lifers with 'freedom of choice' donuts

I really don't use enough crayons on my monitor...see BBDO's creative idea to marks Bring your Kids to Work Day.

I'm only guilty of one of these nine looks no guy whould ever try to pull off.

The freaky other side of online dating - it's not all that great! This woman has a collection of some really funny responses to her classified ads.


REQUIRED READING FOR B!G: CPGs are desperately trying to understand the value of social media and online consumer engagement. And they're finding that social media is not so well understood. Perhaps a little more action and responsiveness rather than just passive listening...

Coke is debuting the following ad in this Sunday's Superbowl:

Ad Age thinks the Coke ad is almost great, but somehow is a little short of dazzling. I just don't really understand it. I never liked Coke's ads.

Street drugs are really stupid, especially ecstacy - in many cases you have no clue what active drugs are in the tablets. This site shows the chemical results for any pill they receive for testing. MDMA is ecstacy, but check out how many pills contain meth, ketamine, barbituates, or even aspirin. Scary, scary stuff.

Wow, Chrysler spend money - money they received from Congress - on the media space for a thank you ad. Colossally poor judgment.

Journey's Don't Stop Believing is an awesome song...unfortunately so are 36 copies of it.

The song got me thinking about another weird question I have - what happened at the end of the Sopranos???!!!


Gorgeous cars, all together, in the sun! Great photos of a multimillion dollar car collection.

The 10 Best Cars of 2009 is a pretty interesting list and I think the Honda Accord actually looks quite nice.

Godwin's law states that as a thread in a newsgroup or forum discussion gets longer, the probability of references involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one. I love these social observations.

Cool graffiti with lights and time-lapse.

Ok all, have a terrific week!

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