Sunday, December 28, 2008

The weekend links

So is everyone having a nice holidays? I've been feeling so stuffed for the last few days and staying up way later than I normally get to. It's all very exciting!

The cable show marathons have also been a real joy. I'm currently watching the entire season of Celebrity Rehab 2 on MuchMoreMusic and on Christmas and Boxing Day I was treated to the entire Star Trek movies shown in a continuous loop on the Space channel.

Also, is it just me or has everyone completely vanished from the interweb? No one's on Facebook lately and even the tabloid blogs are really quiet. I shouldn't complain though because since Monday I've been taking a (needed) break from blogging here.

So with January's imminent arrival I have to start thinking about getting my house in order:

  • B!G positions and organization for our three accounts
  • B!G training and development for executive positions to have a seamless transition when we all graduate
  • My own shit, the least of which is a job when I graduate and finishing up this massive 601 project.
Unfortunately, the BBAs are likely still going to be affected by the CUPE strike. If school resumes in the next semester, this will likely mean that the students will have 2X the work compounded into one term. Take a deep breath!

Ok, on with the links. I posted lots of them to help you deal with your holiday ennui:

You owe it to your musical knowledge and appreciation to listen to Janis Joplin singing 'Ball & Chain' live at the 1967 Monterrey Pop Festival. Classic song and she's one of those incredibly rare talents that burned out far before her time. She was 27 when she died of a drug overdose.

When Amy Winehouse burst on the scene in the UK in 2004, the comparisons between her and Janis Joplin really began because of her reckless behavior and drug-enhanced singing ability. I really like Amy Winehouse because she personifies the same pained sadness that made Janis Joplin such an amazing performer.

For something a little more modern, here's my new favourite indie rock song - 'Ulysses', by Franz Ferdinand.

Creatives, take note: "The fashion and communications industries may rely on a constant feed of zeitgeisty whims, but product designers and strategists need to develop a deeper understanding of change." Read the whole article about how to develop your design strategy and foresight.

Pajiba is wonderful. Top-notch writers with a real sensitivity to pop culture pulsepoints. Read their list of 2008's most bangable celebrities. Seriously, it's not as lowbrow as it sounds!

I'll refrain from offering any real comment, other than I think that these pictures are uniquely real and bring our their subjects' humanity - look at the eyes. See these at the American vagabond photo collection.

The Duggars are an Arkansas family that now has 18 children (with the birth of Jordyn-Grace Makiya on December 18, 2008). I'm not sure where one draws the line, but it's pretty selfish to have 18 children, especially considering that each North American has the average ecological impact the equivalent of 19 Africans. Furthermore, there are more important issues than some woman oozing out babies every year. The Huffington Post agrees.

The Cryotranz Pet Chamber seems like a really smart idea. I'd love to stuff Champ, Tiggy, Lola, or Juice in there for those long trips. Zero hassle!

Beautiful photography with intriguing uses of lighting, makeup, angles, and clothes. the model is actually 20 years old. See her photographed at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60 years old. Just remember that in most forms of advertising - what you see is a lie!

Drunk history is one of 2008's more viral videos. It's actually really well directed with deadpan cuts and funny voiceovers. I like this a lot. Michael Cera guest stars.

In September, Diesel (jeans) launched a viral video promoting their new collection. Now, I'm a huge fan of SFW porn so this isn't exactly original, but it's certainly edgy and pushing the bounds of what's appropriate. I know I'm pushing those bounds right now! Watch the video, I guarantee you'll get a laugh out of it.

BBAs, I'm not sure this link will be as relevant to you, but the older, graduated readers of this blog should enjoy the 25 signs that you have grown up. I think I'm about 24 of these. Sally, Lisa, Vladana, this one is for you!

House gymnastics are the absolute best. I remember when I attempted a handstand and smashed a hole through the drywall with my foot! HAHAHAHAH! Learn a few awesome moves here.

At the bar I really hate 'the guy who knows the bartender' and definitely 'the cropduster'! Who is among your least favourite people at the bar?

Required viewing for all B!G Associates: Ken Robinson is an entertaining speaker and it's not hard to agree with his point of view on why schools kill creativity. Feeling like you have a creative compulsion? You've definitely got to watch this video.

I swear, Stormtroopers are just like us.

Now, it's not exactly the witching season, but I'm a big fan of horror and the grotesque. See for deeply frightening pictures and ideas for Halloween 2009. This guy is really creative and has an awesome aesthetic for the macabre. If you're freaked out by this stuff, I strongly suggest that you get over it - there are a lot scarier things to fear in this world than what we imagine. See the beauty in the perverse and bizarre. Nick, this link is for you.

And finally, has it seemed that this year has been a real roller coaster? JibJab has summed it up nicely in the 2008 Year in Review video:

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