Sunday, December 14, 2008

The weekend links

It's exam time and we're wrapping up a bunch of projects now. I call these weeks Hell weeks because of the many loose ends that need to get tied up. Also I finally am celebrating my (belated) birthday this weekend and get to party with my friends for once.

On with the links:

I saw an ad in the newspaper this week from GM extolling their new direction and the fact that they really are making cars that people want (compacts and hybrids). Somehow I really just can't trust that company any more. Apparently a lot of consumers don't either and car analysts have said that even if GM's cash flow problems stabilize, it will be incredibly challenging for them to regain the trust of consumers who frankly won't buy from a company they don't think is solvent.

Mi-Fi looks really cool, but what's the purpose if all handheld devices are Wi-Fi capable? And what kind of data charges would one see from using this device? Also I am confused about how to pronounce it. Is it Mi-Fi like "My-Fi" or is it Mi-Fi like Miffy?

John Legend sang about nutmeg last night on Stephen Colbert's Christmas show. Hilarious when he sings "the only residue I want wiping of your face is my NUTMEG" (go to 1:45)

Speaking of nutmeg, here's a great recipe for eggnog.

Advertising was sexist in 2008 - yeah but it wouldn't have shown unless test audiences responded favourably to it. Who's really sexist, marketers or the public? HuffPost broke down the top five sexist trends in advertising in 2008.

You know, Wikipedia is great for fan related information in amazing detail. It's one of those weird quirks of the dominance of user-generated content in web 2.0 when the entry for warp drive has a bigger page than that for the Canadian Constitution. Warp drive is fascinating though - you know it works by creating a bubble in subspace around the ship that expands space behind the bubble and shrinks space in front of the bubble. The spaceship essentially stays in one place while space moves around it. Now as for transwarp conduits, I'm really not sure how those work. The Borg seem to have a good understanding of the physics though.

I wanted to thank Keanu reeves for taking the tme to sit with us earlier this week. Pajiba has a hilarious page on the many faces of Keanu Reeves. You can really get a sense of his dramatic versatility.

Test your brain. This stuff is always fun. I like the emotional intelligence test.

It's really too bad that the Andromeda Strain bra (top) is sold out. I'm still looking for Christmas presents for my mom. Creative weird bras here.

And finally, hilarious news reporter meltdowns. Bill O'Reilly (Hard Copy) is really the best one.

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