Thursday, December 18, 2008

Best skits on Mad TV

I've got a pretty puerile sense of humour so it's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of Mad TV. After three hours last night watching clips on YouTube, I decided to make a list of my favourite Mad TV sketches from all seasons of the show. Honestly you shouldn't watch these if you're easily offended by sexual, scatological, or racial humour.

Alright, here are the best skits on Mad TV in descending order:

#25: Bush vs. Kerry 2004 Presidential Debate
All scripted improv but goes to show what quick-witted actors Michael McDonald and Frank Caliendo are. I love John Kerry's lines, such deadpan delivery! "Didn't I see you in Vietnam???"

#24: Estrella Viaje! - Mexican Star Trek
Pat Kilbane as Senor Spock is the best! "Donde es el Starbase Ocho?"

#23: Al-Jazeera "Death to America" News
Really really really offensive, but a perfect takeoff of a typical Amereican news program. I love at 3:00 when the anchor cuts a burkha-ed Nicole Parker off with a sharp "ha-lalala!"

Oprah's fat cam
The first of many Oprah clips that made it to my favourites list. This sketch really elevates the whole body-suit concept to a whole, 'notha, level. Great at 0:45 when Stephnie Weir explains that the thinning camera takes off a whole 200 lbs from Oprah. "Great!, That means I can keep EATING!!!!"

#21: Oprah giving away money
Two in a row here, Oprah is seriously one of my favourite characters spoofed on the show. Debra Wilson does a perfect impression and it's so hard to put one of her sketches before another. Hilarious at 0:45 when she screams "sit DOWN!!" and 5:20 when she hides a gold Rolex watch somewhere in her body....gee, i wonder where!

#20: Tickle me emo
Great premise and done to perfection. Super editing too.

#19: Britney and K-Fed Thanksgiving
Mmmm gumball cornbread is "yummmaaayyy". One of Ike Barinholtz' best skits.

#18: Substitute teacher
I'm not sure which line I like better: "Don't be a slut, wash your butt" or "Kissing leads to humping like farting leads to pooping"

#17: The Apple iRack
I want the iMicrowave and iVacuum. The smoke and shaking from the iRack is so funny, but the joke is a little tired.

#16: Action Jackson
Lol, this skit is so wrong...Phil LaMarr has got the Michael Jackson mannerisms and dance moves down cold. "Children of the world, clap your hands for me!"

Three Minute Meal: Tuna Melts
Another sketch where I really can't keep it together. It's like an updated version of the old Will Sasso Paul Timberman sketches.

#14: Oprah's Jackass
Not only does this clip has juvenile pratfall humour, but it's topped off with a an amazing Debra Wilson as a really over-the-top Oprah.

#13: QVC: Fat fashion
I pretty much lose it when Nicole Parker comes walking out as a giant circus tent at 3:20.

#12: Survivor: Cook Islands Race Wars
Don't watch if you're easily offended by racial stereotypes, but it's pretty bad! Bobby Lee is the best.

#11: Lorraine goes to the dentist
I'm not sure whether a lot of people like Mo Collins as Lorraine, but it's great when they just start improvising and she starts losing it at 4:10.

#10: Shakira Parody
Mo Collins is brilliant and this sketch is perfect if you've actually seen the Whenever, wherever video. I love the line "lucky that I have a smokin' body cause I only sing in gibberish"

#9: Sluts and the City
Michael McDonald as a massive, mannish Carrie Bradshaw - hahahaa! And don't forget that they're four smart, single women taking charge of their own lives.This is such a rude sketch.

#8: 1977 Sex Ed
As much as I dislike Avril Lavigne, she's actually really funny in this! Best is her groovy swinger parents Carla and Maurice and at 2:00 when she's explaining how the reproductive system works: "the penis explodes!"

#7: The Sopranos on PAX
"Fu--!!", "sh--!!", "motherfu----!!"

#6: True Hollywood Story: You are the love of my life
I always loved these two, particularly Alex Borstein. Will Sasso's extreme falsetto is great!

Boca Grove Condo Report, Oscar Edition
Muriel's seizure episodes are hilarious, but it's Michael McDonald's Isador that puts it over the top for me. At 3:50, "speaking of dramatic, it's time for me to go and do something very dramatic!" - I love it.

#4. OJ Simpson Bloopers
This is a really early one, but it's got great staying power. Great editing and acting by Orlando Jones.

#3: Stuart Bloopers
It was so hard to actually name the best Stuart clip, so here's what I think is the best. I love watching Mo Collins crack up when Michael McDonald is keeping a totally straight face. "StuUUAAaart!!!"

#2: Spishak Easy Bake Oven
One of those clips where I'm laughing the whole way through. Spishak commercials were always funny, this is the best one. SOoo many great gags. It's great because "no more lightbulbs!" and "food cooked with natural gas doesn't hav that weird electric taste!"

BEST: The Vagina Monologues

This skit really does bring things together for me. You've got the four doyennes of the show: Mo Collins, Debra Wilson, Alex Borstein, and Nicole Sullivan; Oprah, and a hilarious premise. It can't get any better than's the number one Mad TV sketch:

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