Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cool blog aggregator and web metrics tool

Online traffic and web user activity is meaningful but sometimes challenging to understand. How do you value a click? What does it mean when someone searches to browse using “Keyword A” but searches to buy using “Keyword B”?

Knowing what these differences mean is one hurdle, optimizing your site to leverage web metrics data for revenue, usability, or consumer engagement is another.

ChatterSpike is a new product launched to try and make sense of online behavior and digital zeitgeists relevant to your company, brand, or search terms.

ChatterSpike offers a combination of proprietary software, proven processes, and human expertise blended to bring actionable information and insight to the world's leading companies. ChatterSpike harvests data from sources both broad (blogs, chat boards, news, web) and the focused (targeted individual websites), then mill this raw data through our software engine, to produce the relevant data to then be analyzed by our team of human experts.”


I love this side of online marketing – if only I could understand web-based software programming. it seems like a useful way of analyzing online social media public relations (SMPR) in a more rigorous way than just saying 'well, it seems to be creating a real buzz'.

ChatterSpike is a beefier version of Google Webmaster Tools or simple SEO tools like the Alexa Toolbar or WordTracker. It’s similar to blog aggregators and social media news feeds (passive scanners of blogs to analyze trends and what people are talking about/searching for/commenting on) but adds some human insight.

Hire me ChatterSpike, this is exactly what I want to be doing when I graduate!

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