Saturday, November 1, 2008

Awesome things for November

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Here's what's awesome for November, 2008:


This one was voted on by the readers in a recent poll. With Diwali just passed, Hinduism is top of mind. Hip urban white people are already wise to being sensitive about world affairs and have actually done a lot to learn about Islam and deepen relationships with their Muslim friends. Now attention is being turned to their other Brown friends, Hindus, and enrich their understanding of this complex and storied religion. Culturally, India is contributing more and more to Western ideas and Americans are tired of hearing about how China has eclipsed the US.

The Bright Ideas Group is privileged to have students from many different ethnicities, nationalities, and religions. Diverse perspectives, such as those from Sid Wahi, greater a better holistic focus on the project output.


Apparently purple (and orange) are Fall 2008's hot colours, and purple is popping up in everything from new Roots collections to fashionable cocktails.


Perhaps it's a reaction to the possibility of over-extended US hegemony finally being curtailed with a new administration, but guns - yeah, actual guns, are really trendy. Case in point, GlamGuns top-selling Hello Kitty AK-47 (shown above, notice it's purple!) and Madonna's pistol heels by Chanel, for €2000.


It's not too new, but I couldn't resist. Fails are hilarious, here's a particularly great example:


This isn't something I'm too thrilled about, but it's never been cooler to have a complete unawareness about your surroundings, the news, and basic concepts. Despite a massive surge of interest in the US economy, the election, climate change, and the rise of China, it's still cool to be a dumbass about most things and feign a superficial understanding of large issues. For example, think of your friends. Now think about the dumb friends in your group (I'm sure you know who they are!). Are they marginally aware of Obama and McCain and the differences between the two? Can they base arguments and assertions on anything more than what erroneous facts they've heard and communicated through baffling hand gestures and facial contortions?

What really peeves me is that despite a interest in topical issues that matter, common sense and a pragmatic and rational ability to analyze those issues is still woefully lacking.

Read. The. News.


So Gen Y are in college, new careers, and starting to live on their own. This is group's limited resources and income is matched by a strong sense of stewardship for their consumption and mild recognition of their overall contribution to global warming. While I'm not too sure about the direct implications of the credit crunch and stagnating economy on Gen Y, these situations put a squeeze on everyone. Expect to see a greater focus on eeking out the most from things and making your dollar stretch. I stumbled upon this modern sink design which is meant to get consumers thinking about their total water use because it lacks a drain at the bottom.


The worst part of the Nov 4th election night will be waiting for results to trickle in, be recounted, be contested, be deliberated, be recounted, be thrown out, and be decided upon by the Supreme Court. I sound like an old futurist when I say this, but everything today must be instant. Digital immediacy is what we've come to depends on in our lives so when things are unresponsive or unnecessarily sluggish it really makes Gen Ys go nuts. Need proof? Ask any 20-something about how frustrating it is when Facebook status updates and news feeds aren't being published in real time and sometimes the friends' stories you hear about are eight hours old.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard about this already, but computer manufacturers are working with software developers to reduce boot times. I think I'm currently at 40-50 seconds to my desktop screen, but probably 2 minutes to my email on my trusty little Dell Latitude D630 with Vista. It still kills me.


As average wine consumers here wise up and start expanding their scope of international wines, look for wines that offer tremendous fruit on the nose, ripeness, and a satisfying full-mouth feel to be popular. Malbec's already are popular, but expect their price points to go up - buoyed by the recent nod to Achaval-Ferre Finca Altamira Malbec 2006 by Wine Spectator with a rating of 96. The bottle is $116. It's the philosophy that a rising tide raises all boats. Yeah, but is it really worth it?


Everyone loves 30 Rock and has nothing but great things to say about it. But who watches it?? I'm determined now - from my heightened respect for Tina Fey and the show's Emmy sweeps - to start paying more attention and watch the episodes on Surf The Channel. Same goes for Mad Men. Expect a wave of interest in November for 30 Rock because of the election and the fact that Oprah and Jennifer Aniston will appear on the show.


Enough lipgloss. Lips are sexy and should be cherished and flaunted in exaggerated ways. Deep red and intense gothic black hues are in, although Dita von Teese always seemed to know.


The 2009 Nissan Versa is now the cheapest car in the States, priced at $9,990. This subcompact is obviously fuel efficient, and I'm sure it's a functional car, but I can't seem to think that the 1.8L, 122 horsepower engine is powerful enough. It does come loaded with interesting optional features though, including a CVT, six-cd changer, and bluetooth.

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