Sunday, October 19, 2008

The weekend links

Hi all, hope your weekends are going well. Undergrads, have you finished midterms yet? Not to sound like a bastard, but I don't share in your pain because I don't have any midterms!

On with the links:

Analyze the Presidential candidates advertising expenditures. This is a pretty cool interactivity from the NYT.

Faces after the crash. Does anyone else feel a little schadefreude?

Customization helps sustain Mars M&M candies. Awesome marketing strategy, classic and relevant.

I really disagree with some of the top ten worst Halloween candies. I think Tootsie Rolls are great, same with Necco wafers and Laffy Taffy!

Damn, it feels good to be a banker, - Thanks Steph!

I think the new campaign for Dentyne Ice, 'Make Face Time' is really clever and a good example of a well-thought out marcom. It's clever and original, mostly because it's not like most other candy commercials with stupid situations and methed-up main characters. BTW, kudos to Dentyne Ice for not doing another awful commercial; they've redeemed themselves! I hope Cadbury Adams fired their old agency for that dreck.

New tires look to bees for inspiration. Cool stuff!

Another disagreement, I think that most of the top 10 epic website failures on this list are correct, but is actually a really good search engine. Their images search results functionality is easy to use and is lightyears beyond Google. BTW, where's Kuil on this list?

And finally, close your eyes and try to tell that this isn't Steve Perry singing. I am really loving the new Journey with Arnel Pineda.

Have a great week everyone!

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