Saturday, October 11, 2008

The weekend links

Happy thanksgiving everyone.

Ok, so this totally puts me in my place!

Required test for all MBAs and BBAs. Lemme spoil it for you now, you're all going to fail.

OMG, it's Lego Porn. The images get a lot worse!

Proof that just about anything will find traction on the democratic, superficial internet. It's about socializing in different and profound ways - even if you're ranting about how fatigued you are.

Wow, Lunchballz are awesome. So you mean, they have a soda and protein inside?

Corbis has some awesome images. Fodder for our Ad team.

Thank you Google for looking out for my best interests. This might not be functionally useful and widely adopted, but it's proof that Google still doesn't take itself too seriously!

I like the Putin's Reserve. For a minute I thought these were real wines!

View my masterpiece, 'Symphony in Mauve' and try you hand at sand art.

The keffiyeh and other super-lame indie styles. This is pretty funny!

So are we advertising practitioners? If so there might be a small credibility and trust issue!

Cool post, cool marketing guy. I completely agree with the "meeting the needs" part. It's about honestly and realism, not being a schyster or sycophantic 'next big thing' seeker.

And finally, Ana was a huge help wit tonight's blog post. Ana, this video is for you, hilarious and i know you'll get all the jokes!

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Ana said...

Haha, might I say sir you had some of the best links on the Internet this weekend! Thanks for the shout-out!