Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Robyn loves Gossip Girl

So we're trying something new here: Julia suggested we write about 'Gossip Girl' tonight, a show she adores. I don't know anything about Gossip Girl, other than its show that Gen Y girls love and say is really awesome.

So I sat with Robyn and told her about Julia's suggestion.

ROBYN: 'Gossip Girl?? I LOVE Gossip Girl!'

MAX: 'Ok great, you're going to talk about it while I dictate everything you say!'

So here are Robyn's thoughts on Gossip Girl, completely unedited, and spilled up on the blog!

“I don’t like it anymore. Yeah, let me think about it...

It’s because the characters aren’t being written well anymore, it’s not the same old shit. I just don’t enjoy it like I used to. The GOSSIP is gone, actually! I don’t know where it went! There’s no scandal, there’s no intrigue!

So where did they leave off from the last episode I watched….?

I don’t remember, I only watched it this week, I should remember this….

OH RIGHT! It’s just all bitchy back-stabbing and fighting now. There’s no gossip and scandal, it’s just two girls fighting each other now. There was a scandal three episodes ago, but it’s resolved itself. Like really, what are the writers doing. Really…yeah because the show was interesting at first because it was NYC’s elite fashion upper east siders and there were a million stories going on, a million scandalous stories, and the ‘gossip girl’ is gone – the voice of gossip girl – when she comes into speak it’s like “yeah we were already thinking that." Normally she was witty and she had some kind of insight about what was going on.

‘S&B don’t like each other!’

I think it’s just the low point in the season, I’m waiting because I know November sweeps are coming up so I’m waiting.

I love Chuck. Chuck is such a good character. He’s the rich father’s son, he’s got so much money. He basically rings up girls whenever he wants and has ridiculous nights out, is constantly at the bar, ran a little burlesque, he’s your classic privileged rich kid, up to no good. And he’s evil, he’s complex, whereas you have his best friend on the show – no longer his best friend on the show….he I don’t even remember his name. He’s boring, has no depth anymore.

Nate needs to be killed off the show right now. He’s so boring. They tried to make him dirty when he had this affair with this old lady but they resolved that problem. Now he’s just the rich kid and they’ve written any complexity out and he’s bland.

Basically, Nate says to Chuck ‘you’re not a nice guy, sorry I don’t want to be friends with you anymore. I want to be friends with Dan because he’s wholesome and good. He’s the poor kid on the show. And yeah, the actor sucks who’s playing him. He’s a CK underwear model and that’s where he should stay. He should stay inanimate, on a page. That’s how he acts.

This is the only show I watch right now. I only watch this show, and it’s only because I started watching in January when I had nothing else to watch.

…but I love the fashion.

What else do I think…..the whole Serena-Blair dynamic is going to get really old real soon, I don’t know how long I can keep this up.

Serena: ‘I’m better than you’
Blair: ‘Ok, Serena thinks she’s better than me, I’m going to do something to bring her down’

But then they talk, and their friends again, and we’re only 1 and 3/4 seasons into the show!"

MAX: 'How do I conclude this blog post, it’s a ramble fest.'

ROBYN: 'It IS a ramble fest! BTW, you know I now come up on Google when I search for myself? Seriously, recruiters are going to look at this!’


Julia said...

HAHA! Great research Max!!!
I agree with Robyn...the stories are getting kind of old! But the fashion definitely makes up for it all!!! I agree with what happened to Nate as well...I hope they don`t try to make Chuck into a good guy -- they need to have an evil, spoiled rich kid on the show.
The only thing I find really frustrating about this show is that these kids basically do no work! All they do is party, go to fashion shows, etc. Actually it got me this show constructive at all?? I can't think of anything I may have learned from it - I think it would rather bring out the rebellious side of people since they'll want to be like their fav. characters.
Oh I said, the fashion makes up for it:)

Robyn Hughes said...

gosh i sound like an idiot.

and i DID NOT say that i LOVE Gossip Girl.

because I don't. Clearly.