Sunday, September 28, 2008

The weekend links

Hi all, the links are back with the latest fresh marketing news and juicy web cultural content. Enjoy!

Sarah Palin got skewered again on SNL last night. What's really funny is that a lot of the dialogue is word for word what was said in the actual interview!

The Microsoft "I'm a PC" ads were actually created on a Mac. No surprise here!

I really miss working in an office. Hilarious office pranks and postit noting the boss' car.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn is gritty and gorgeous. Post-modern urbanism at its finest.

Find out what your name would be if Sarah Palin was your mom! Apparently I am Still Hardrock Palin!

Stairporn gets me so hot.

Are technologies, apps, and sites being used by our Web 2.0 elite becoming even more remote? I have no evidence or experience to believe that a gap between early adopters and mainstream users is expanding, but this article has implications for the general development of consumer products and services. Good read and highly recommended for B!G Associates.

The Japanese approach to lunch is wild. I want that monkey bento.

Sally, thank you for the toilet, rubber bands, and Viagra. Wait, just thanks for the toilet and rubber bands! These and other inventions for which we thank the British.

How to recognize when I am lying. If you still think I'm telling the truth then i've got a bridge in Alaska to sell you!

I'm really upset that the Quad-shot grande wet cappucino I dosed up on from Starbucks this weekend didn't make the list of the ten best hot drinks in Toronto.

Great photo albums from Christopher Wilson, my new favourite photographer.

Here's why Dexter would succeed in business. Looking at the students in the MBA program, I'd say we have covered all of these traits except loyalty! I like this post, really creative!

Finally, new music from Kings of Leon, 'Crawl':

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