Sunday, September 7, 2008

The weekend links

Hi everyone,

So things are getting pretty heated up at school lately. B!G is in the middle of a massive recruiting drive (send us your resume and cover letter at if you're interested in an Associate position on Research and Analysis, Advertising and Design, Copywriting, or Public Relations teams), I'm starting classes on Tuesday, my car is in desperate need of a new tire, and I have a big hurdle next weekend for my MBA group project (the 601). I don't mean to rant but sometimes it's interesting and kinda voyeuristic to read about the secret life of a blogger and not have to analyze their life from what they write about and post.

BTW, for fans of Jewish deli food, my soul food, I highly recommend Pancer's deli on Bathurst north of Wilson. Try the corned beef, the best in the Toronto!

Alright, on with the links:

The advertising slogan generator isn't new, but it does help those long nights with trying to get a good idea in copy. I'll remember Don Draper's advice from Mad Men, "focus intensely on [what you're trying to say], then forget it and put it out of your mind. That's when the idea will come".

While we're on the topic, MarketingHackz did a good analysis of nailing killer ad copy. I especially like the points about simplification. If you think the ad can still be explained, try removing a few words - see if it can be explained then too.

Shout out to my Ad Team. Here's where we're stealing all our free stock images from. I love Web 2.0!

God, this is devastating news. Internet usage causes depression.

Am I the only techie who hasn't downloaded Chrome yet? The user reviews of Google's new browser pique my interest. Dana, how are you liking it?

HAHA this is hilarious. I know I'm in college when I nap and procrastinate way too much. I think the undergrads and those living in rez at York will like this list of 'You know you're in college when' items.

Another HAHAHA...this helpful webpage explains when it's time to get a new computer
and which computers you should look into buying. I think I need the server rack for $75,000 because it's capable of handing IM, streaming video, AND uploading pictures from a USB.

Ever consider the impact of your colour choices in direct marketing? There's been a lot written about this anyway (and I think most colour theory is kinda bullshit...) but interesting nonetheless.

And finally, this video is sick. I want to do extreme ski gliding on my next vacation. I should probably bring Depends.

Extreme Ski Gliding

Have a great week everyone!

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