Monday, September 1, 2008

The weekend links, on a Monday

Hi everyone, I hope your long weekends were nice and relaxing!

The Doughnut Plant in the LES in NYC is really the best doughnut place in the world.

This doughnut place in Indonesia might be a close competitor though. Fascinating website.

Banksy pushes sensibilities in racist rural Alabama. Thought-provoking art or just stupid?

Moco Loco, your contemporary art fix. I really like these charger bowls made from pencil nibs.

So Sarah Palin, McCain's VP candidate, has a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant....what??! Remind me again how she's the smart choice to appeal to socially conservative voters who are looking for a reason to connect with McCain? It's ap-Palin that she wasn't a better mother to talk some sense into her daughter and it really says a lot about the hypocrisy of faith-based abstinence programs. And does no one use condoms anymore..? BTW, the Huffington Post has Sarah Palin news, all the time, squeezed fresh. Great source for blogger news if you're not already reading it.

Gorgeous product designs really excite me. I'm fascinated by what's possible and the twists that can be put on everyday items.

Although this is basically a long list of their credentials, the campaigns done by Street Sampling provide a great insight into P2P experiential marketing successes.

Sometimes Fox News does a really good job of reporting fact-based and insightful analysis. I mean, really well thought out and intelligent news reporting.

Find out where your Rogers Wireless phone bill goes! I would have though that above overhead and compensation, the unnecessary charges I was paying for fell under the 'Schmaltz', 'Frosting', and 'Crippling Unnecessary Fees' categories. Thank you Mobile Syrup, this is a great post by you guys!

Tech-geeks take notice. Google's new browser, 'Chrome', is coming, and promises to be full of features, usability, and surveillance.

lol, pretty cool. See Cyana Trend Land for stylish fashion, trends, and other interesting cultural stuff.

A dream house in the mountains. Looks awesome and the perfect size. Sleek lines, natural materials, and dusted with snow.

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