Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October's hot trends

ok, so what's going to be hot in October? What is going to move from mere fanboy favourite to full on hot cultural acceptance? Here are the October's hot trends, October's hot people, and October's hot issues...for the month of October.

October’s Hot Watch List

Hot Show:
True Blood

It’s already been green-lighted for the rest of the first season and HBO has renewed it for season two. Expect this to reach Dexter-like cult status in the first year, then lose it and become mainstream in the second. Awesome show though.

Hot cultural thing:
Being Jewish

After nearly 6,000 years, Judaism is finally in. Expect Yom Kippur to stoke a lot of interest among gentiles in the sacred and profane. Expect lots of interest in Montreal smoked meat sandwiches,

Hot celebrity:
Dakota Fanning

She’s actually talented and is not being adolescently sexualized. Kudos to her parents for being so level-headed. Expect to see a renaissance of this young actress who reminds me of a tiny Jodie Foster.

Hot marketing:
Bad advertising

Large out-of-home advertising that desperately misses the mark with its target audience and fails to convey anything differentiating about the brand

Find more videos like this on AdGabber

Hot issue:
Watercooler macroeconomics

Suddenly everyone cares about the economy. Expect to hear a lot more about why/why not the bailout plan should pass through Congress, the role that the credit markets play in our everyday lives, and bizarre hypotheses about the future of American foreign trade and investment. Note, none of these will make any economic sense.

Hot fashion statement:
Kawasaki 407 glasses

Palin’s glasses are a hit with pregnant small town hockey moms

Hot artist:
Primary 1

Electro-dance dj from the UK. Pretty fun and peppy. Can wait for him to get larger over here.

Hot brand:

It’s never been hipper to shop at Dominion, A&P, or Food Basics. Their
Irresistible line of products is actually pretty good. Expect to see a resurgence of interest with fresher stores, better signage, and a clean, improved look. Let’s hope that they maintain the focus on the food though…

Hot event:
Nuit blanche

It’s never been so cool to stumble around wasted in avant-garde art exhibitions downtown and pretend that you’re one of the glitterati.

Hot course:
Personal financial management

Suddenly investment banking doesn’t seem so appealing. Maybe you should realize that the free market you’re still not living in the free market economy of 1984.

Hot colour:

“Apparently girls like leggings and long sweaters that cover their bum” (Cherie). Every year there are fall colours but this year seems a little more sombre, “maybe it’s the financial crisis” (Cherie).

Hot technology:
the G-Phone

The T-Mobile G1 running the Google Android OS. Expect to see a lot of comparison between this and the iPhone. And where was Microsoft???

So that's October's hot list. Fortunately I already eat plenty of smoked meat sandwiches.

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