Sunday, August 17, 2008

The weekend links back to our regularly scheduled programming. Congratulations to Canada btw for racking up a bunch of coin in the Games lately.

Fond wishes to Isaac Hayes, soul brother and composer of one of my favourite songs, Walk on By.

Olympics mascots fascinate me. I just saw the red Fuwa from Beijing run across the beach volleyball court in between plays. I think it was Huanhuan. It's so lumpy and rotund that maybe they could substitute the mascot for the ball.
Check out the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics Games mascots. I like Quatchi. He looks like this huge tub of fur and has some odd body dysmorphic disorder.


No not DVD Easter eggs, actual eggs. I never considered ovo-advertising as a legitimate medium.

I know there are a bunch of pages like this (probably lifting content from each other too...), but still this is pretty memorable and interesting to look at. See the 24 most unforgettable advertisements.

I really like BrandDoozie, and I'm looking for a way to apply it. I'm bookmarking this page nontheless, I'm sure it will be relevant at some point down the road.

This link is a long time coming, but Cindy suggested this link about how B-Schools are branding themselves. I guess you could say the Schulich is branding for sustainability, diversity, and undergrads!

Beautiful photography with light distortion techniques. Another fantastic link courtesy of Stumble Upon - why hasn't everyone downloaded this already??

With a massive ad budget and a legacy brand to work with, why shouldn't Coke have a collection of amazing artistic ads?

So, how do I explain My Little Zombie Pony?

Powerful new thinking coming from Audi - this one's for you, Chris!

And finally, some thought-provoking insights from the folks at The Marketing Student about the terrors of Gen Y when social media technology and parenthood converge.

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Olga said...

That Audi looks like a Volvo C30. Especially from the back. But the live internet is an awesome idea. Rogers should be peeing their pants!