Sunday, July 27, 2008

The weekend links

Let's start things off classy. Here's a hilarious underwear ad, I think from the UK. So tell me again, why couldn't this be shown here?

Keeping boundaries on out-of-home advertising is important. Check out IllegalSigns for municipal marketing infractions in Canada.

Newfoundland and Labrador are advertising in town. Their innovative billboard blew Marketing Mag away.

Advertising Age gets burned in the comments for writing about why Gen Ys no longer are attracted to marketing agency jobs.

The other day I read on Facebook that George, one of our new B!G Associates who is on a humanitarian mission in Ghana, West Africa, has contracted malaria. "George malaria sucks &!?@# i'm dying!" was actually his Facebook status update...Web 2.0 can be so strange sometimes. Anyway, George, we are hoping you're pulling through and are getting the medicine you need.

So Facebook is now a strange and legitimate part of our social lives. Aside from being a mega douchebag, Joshua Lipton- arrested for drunk-driving - just doesn't understand how Facebook is character building (or debilitating).

My indecipherable watch is so cool. Here are some more confusing digital watches:

Remember Surge, Orbitz, and Crystal Pepsi? No, neither do I. Check out the graveyard of forgotten soft drinks.

IT's called "drive to search" and it's a powerful new call to action that marketers in Japan have latched on to as a way to simplify brand interactions. Effectively, you see a billboard for a product/service, but it has no other information other than the image of a search field with the product name typed into it and a "Search" button. Check out Kevin Ryan's album of awesome ads in Japan to see a few examples (you'll have to log in).

Search Engine Watch also wrote about the online marketing drive to search trend here and in this great article about why the Japanese search but we don't.

Freaky art from Europe. Imagine how terrifying this looks at night if you aren't already aware that it's a big public art installation!

Television is dying? God, I hope not. Although I am watching less of traditional tv (sitting for hours mindlessly surfing), I'm watching a lot more of good tv series (Dexter, Weeds, John Adams, Sopranos). Unfortunately streaming has meant that I watch most of these through my laptop...hmm, maybe tv really is dying.

Speaking of dying, check out Exit Mundi for every possible end of the world scenario, including infinite sleep, the Nemesis planet, and the Borg! It's actually a really interesting site.

And finally, Matt McDonald is a Gen Y with a lot to say about what works in marketing. Check him out.

and btw, if you haven't tried, do so now so you're not one of the losers still using

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