Sunday, July 20, 2008

The weekend links

We just had a blackout in my neighbourhood. It was poetic actually, I was in the middle of typing an email when the lights went out and the wireless cut off. I felt disconnected and instantly bored. It was suggested to me that I read a book. "
WHAT??!!", I replied, "read something that isn't on a screen?"

Consumer lesson #1: Never cut off power to a Gen Y. They'll just shut down and die.

Ok, on with the links:
Haha - how clever. Check out Durex' 'Roger More' condom advert and other offensive ads at

Hungarian wine explained in a nutshell from Vinography. I just wish that wine could be delivered here in the mail.

It's called pedestrian kinetic energy and it's everywhere around us. Just takes someone smart to know how to harness it.

Remember the name Banksy. He's the old standard in grafitti and avant-garde art. He's also the guy to replace Paris Hilton dance albums with fake ones. Read it here, see it here. WebUrbanist is doing an eight-part series on Banksy.

Adverblog has got some great examples of microsites and promo spots online. Here are a few:

Talking strategy with Starbucks' VP Marketing, Terry Davenport.

Have a playlist? Looking for one? Check out Thanks Lucy!

How do I describe's like moveable monster art made of planks of wood. Make sense?

Great flash app from the mind of Paul Neave, a flash master.

A little Grandmaster flash while we're at it: (awesome turntablin')

Here's a cool picture I took of old people from the old country at Kensington yesterday:

And finally, Al Gore was on
Meet the Press this morning. He talks about his cilmate change plan which, no pun intended, I've really warmed to. Seriously, I respect anyone who is as committed and active as he is.

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