Sunday, July 13, 2008

The weekend links

It's been a fantastic weekend for me. It's been exactly the right balance between lazy and productive for me to feel as if I got the most out of my days off! Alright, link time.

Miss Universe 2008 is on tonight at 8pm on NBC. Here's Miss Canada, Samantha Tajik, a very beautiful girl but the national costume is embarrassing.

Bombardier's new C-Series jet launches today after considerable delays and gloomy aviation forecasts. It promises to be the greenest jet in its class. Fantastic jobs for Canada - too bad it took a $350 million federal subsidy for the project to get off the ground.

Considering my crippling fear of heights and considerable lack of mountaineering expertise, I highly doubt that I'll ever climb Mount Everest (and survive!). This 360 panorama from the top of Mount Everest will have to do.

My blog is my most valuable marketing tool? Thank God!

A few weeks ago, Amex sponsored a local event that drew a lot of publicity - Dinner in the Sky. Again, I'm sure I'm sure I'd become pudding in the jumpseat as we're hoisted 100 feet into the air but it sure is great PR for Amex. Check out Daily Dose's pictures here.

Although I'll probably understand only a fraction of what happens in the new X-Files movie, the trailer sure does look good!

Same for the Dark Knight. They say Heath Ledger could get a posthumous Oscar for his performance.

Damn, that looks good!

I'm not sure how to explain this one.

Sigh, this modern house in Seattle sure does look nice. Thanks Contemporist.

Awesome houses from The Cool Hunter too.

Remember these ads at the bar when you're being a Big Man and you think you're cool to drive home. Who knows if they're effective, but they're certainly innovative.

Dos Equis beer has ramped up their Canadian TV spots lately and I think they're actually quite good. Ads don't always have to be unique (they're remarkably similar to the Molson and Labatt beer spots) but the message is equally clear. See two of the ads here and here.

This marketing blogger has some terrific insight and isn't afraid to be controversial. Check out the Copyranter, NYC's angry copywriter.

So you have opinions about you think:

Oh yes, please let this Ferrari go into production. It's just too beautiful.

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