Saturday, June 28, 2008

The weekend links

Beautiful commercial art at MocoLoco. I could really get lost in this stuff.

Hahahaha! - so when kids see this ad they should say WHAT?!?

Shepard Fairey's work reminds me of old Soviet propaganda posters. It's beautiful to me. See the political side of it here at SupertouchBlog and more here and here. Cool artist and someone I respect.

Yes, I believe I'll have the marble cruller. NYC Donut Report makes it sound sooo good. wonderful.

Firsthand journalist account of the North Korean Mass Games 'Arirang' from Very weird.

Cool. Really cool. Viral done right.

I think I'm a 'faux hip hop scenester' but frankly I'm too chicken to get a tat or pierce my ears. Read the bios and find your own scenester at YourSceneSucks.

Apparently a true account of how to market to Millenials. He should have known that Facebook is 'Facebook' and not FaceBook. Lame.

Required viewing for all B!G Associates and Executives. GoViral's take on social marketing and the next best practices.

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