Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Weekend Links

At what sounds like the most ghetto doughnut shop anywhere, you can enjoy what sounds like a fantastic French cruller.

Green goes gorgeous. Check out the Lightning Electric Car.

I like these guys and their take on Gen Y vs. their parents is spot on.

Looks awesome at the bar, but would anyone still make conversation if the table is more interesting?

McDonald’s grows its own billboard with lettuce. They’ve increased their budget for the next year. I hope it makes room for more innovative campaigns like this.

Fascinating sustainable architecture designs. I really like the Lighthouse skyscraper.

Not all the links can be green minded – NY Times reviews the new Dodge Challenger. It might be a bit boatish, but it’s still a real sexy car.

No more print media by 2018 – Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer. Um….ok? Steve Ballmer also gave the world this performance:

I think these newspaper boxes are so clever. Daily Dose of Imagery has more great Toronto pics.

Handy tips for how to deal with those pesky introverts.

The Impulsive Buy checks out Pepsi’s latest taster’s choice campaign. Join the Dewmocracy!

Hahaha – I actually found myself offended the other day for a comment someone made about an ethnic group. So true.

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