Sunday, November 2, 2008

The weekend links

It's geeky links today. I started thinking about things I thought were cool and most of my thoughts came back geeky!

Lego is so cool. I used to build pirate ships and moonbases - nothing coming close to 5ft long spaceship.

The New York Marathon happened today, congratulations to the winners Santos and Radcliffe. You can see the whole 26 mile course here cut down to three and a half minutes. I'm going to consider this my exercise for the day. Watch it, it's real cool. NYC is such a pretty city.

Human migration patterns out of the East African Rift Valley is way more complicated than I thought. Another cool interactive.

'But Main Street's still all cracked and broken!' - The Top 20 most Cromulent Simpsons Episodes of All Time. It's a great list, and although the monorail epi is terrific, I really do like 'Dental plan, Lisa needs braces!'

Ten creative advertising ideas from students. We've got a lot to live up to!

What the moon's topography looks like. I like to look at these types of maps and imagine that it's a totally different world with continents, oceans, and mountain ranges for me to learn about! I told you it would be geeky today...

This really does help clarify things. The comprehensive list of Starbucks drinks.

'Acquire as many parenting manuals as possible, and try to follow them all simultaneously.' This is one of the tips from the Postmodern Parenting Guide. It's pretty wry, and I really like the suggestion to 'rub your child on some carbon paper. Then cut up the paper and stick the pieces to the child's body. Question the child as an original. Question the child as a copy. Question the carbon paper as a construction.' - Lucy, Kevin, and Jodi - this one was for you, a reminder of all our clever indulgent discussions!

The Lilypad, a new take on how we'll live sustainably in the future. Looks amazing but where are the highways and parking lots? I'll need those if I'm going to drive my car around.

Awesome supercars that are totally gasoline free. The Chevy Volt (pictured) is among these beautiful cars and I'd argue that it's so nicely proportioned and sculpted that it can really hold its own against those price 10X more. This one is for you Paulin.

RIM has really got to get a handle on its consumer strategy since its seemed to have reached critical saturation with its smartphones among business users and consumers are looking for smartphones with added style and fun. The naysayers (including Steve Ballmer) who saw the iPhone as a trivial and inconsequential rollout can suck it. Read about their dumb iPhone predictions.

This is really cool, try it! Pick a number and the website guesses what you chose. Click 'continue' when the page loads. I'm really not sure how this was done.

OMG this is terrifying. Don't watch this video unless you want your dreams haunted with manaical laughter.

And finally, an awesome video and a fun new song:

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